Clyde Consulting provides an extensive range of business support to suit all your business requirements, whether you are a small business or a corporate company.

Business Development Coaching & Training
We work with companies to develop their business, through strategy, structure, innovation & Joint Venture culture.

Joint Ventures Strategy
A specialised strategy, designed to fast track sales & growth through partnerships with external resources.

Growth Accelerator Programme
A government funded initiative to help grow your business. This heavily funded programme provides a tailor made coaching plan & workshops that will deliver great results for your business


Business Development Coaching & Training
Clyde Consulting provides innovative, creative and inspired business development for businesses of all sizes.
With our wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years, we can help your business thrive and prosper through a tailor made coaching programme EVEN in a troubled economic climate.

We specialise in:

  • business structure & systemisation
  • marketing strategies
  • time management
  • outselling your competitors
  • new market analysis
  • brand building
  • boosting sales opportunities
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Joint Venture Strategy
Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful and effective business strategies your business can use. We are one of a handful of Joint Venture brokers that specialise in this strategy.

A joint venture is an arrangement for mutual benefit, between two or more people or businesses who have complimentary resources.

Resources can range from products, services, business assets and customer lists. Creating a relationship with the list/business owner that can be leveraged for minimal cost.

We can work with you to identify partners & opportunities and implement Joint Ventures for your company. You will never look back!

The benefits of using Joint Ventures:

  • Allows you to COMPENSATE underperforming areas in your business without the nominal investment.
  • Allows you to take advantage of UNLIMITED businesses complimentary skills and resources.
  • Allows you to BOOST your lead/client generation and profits very quickly.
  • Allows you great branding potential for FREE.
  • Allows you to MAKE MONEY out of thin air!
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Joint Venture Training
An eye opening training session/s, designed to give you the skills and tools to identify/ set up and manage Joint Ventures for your own company.

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Growth Accelerator Programme
Samantha Clyde is an approved GrowthAccelerator Business coach working with businesses from many different industries to fulfil their potential.

GrowthAccelerator is a service provided by the country’s leading business growth specialists, which delivers uniquely tailored advice and support to fast-growing businesses. The service matches experts in business to companies with high growth potential, to provide a bespoke programme of coaching, connectivity, workshops and leadership training.

Grow your business

Our aim is to help you:

  • Appreciate your true potential for growth and set achievable goals
  • Identify and overcome the barriers holding you back
  • Stimulate product and service development, commercialise your innovation and motivate your employees
  • Energise your plans with one-to-one leadership and management advice
  • Meet peers who’ve tackled the same barriers as you
  • Connect with business experts and networks to achieve insight and build relationships.

What is your investment?
Because Government is investing with you in the growth of your business, the cost to you is significantly reduced. Your investment in GrowthAccelerator will reflect the size of your business. 

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