"I have worked with some very inspirational and driven individuals and Samantha is one of them. Creating Transad and developing it from humble beginnings through to floatation took dedication and tenacity. She is very creative and has a real entrepreneurial flair for business & innovation. I really enjoyed working with Sam and building her vision into a successful advertising company. I would recommend her experience to any business."
Bryan Buswell, Co Founder, Cyber Pages.

"Sam is a very bright and innovative person with energy to burn in pursuit of better Marketing and Sales initiatives and outcomes for clients. Amazing ideas, and a very practical, can-do approach. Highly recommended."
Denis Heenan Regional Manager, The Alchemy Network

"I thought I would just write to let you know what a pleasure it is working with you. What I like about you is your no nonsense cut to the chase attitude, straight down to business, what's the problem?, what can we do to fix it?, how can we drive the business forward... It's a refreshing change to work with someone who knows what they are doing and you genuinely seem to care about my business. Above all thanks for immersing yourself in my business, finally it feels like I've got someone stood alongside me who is prepared to help me build this business."
Paul Curtis, Owner, Five Loaves & Two Fishes.

"I have worked with Sam to build our respective companies. She is very knowledgeable and innovative and has a great deal to offer to businesses she works with. She specialises in Partnering companies, which I can highly recommend as she has opened my eyes to this relatively underutilised business strategy. This is a business skill that gives Sam a real edge in understanding how to drive businesses forward through her visionary approach."
Dawn Hopkins, Director, Indigo.

10 New Clients!
"Our attitude has changed in terms of focus. The response to our marketing has increased phenomenally. As a result we have attracted 10 new fee paying clients, which in our business of graphic design, is very significant indeed."
Peter Banks, EM5 Ltd

£20,000 Client And Still Going Strong...
"I have worked with David Abingdon utilising some of his direct marketing strategies and techniques to great effect. ...Many of which we still use today. One campaign particularly was directly responsible for generating a new £20,000 plus service contract with a major corporate account within 3 months of the campaign and we still have them as an on-going client today! "
Jonathan Osbourne, Computer World Ltd

Conversion Went From 2 Out Of 10 To 8 Out Of 10 And...
"We have landed one of our biggest contracts since introducing some of the things we have learned."
Ian Cattermole, Z Cars